Associate Professor

    School for the Future of Innovation in Society

    School of Sustainability


    Center for the Study of Futures

    Arizona State University

    Associate Fellow

    Saïd Business School

    University of Oxford


    As a social scientist and foresight expert, Dr. Cynthia Selin investigates and invents methodologies for making sense of complex change and pursues theoretical intrigues surrounding anticipation.


    Dr. Selin is an Associate Professor in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University, USA, where she founded the Center for the Study of Futures and is currently a Faculty Fellow at the Center for Science and the Imagination. She is an Associate Fellow at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, where she is core faculty in the Oxford Scenarios Programme and teaches executives worldwide.


    Dr. Selin’s research pursuits and consultancy are focused on how we imagine and respond to rapid and novel change. Her work is animated by timely questions about how emerging technologies transform- and are transformed by- society, tracking the social, political, environmental, and ethical implications of innovation.


    She investigates how future-focused methodologies serve to help make sense of the socio-political uncertainties, ambiguities and complexities surrounding emerging technologies, from nanotechnology to AI. Over the years, she has developed new methodologies that aim to foster deeper, more imaginative thinking about alternative futures and to cultivate systems that are more sustainable and more equitable and just.


    Complementing her scholarly inquiries, Dr. Selin established Scenaric, a consulting firm dedicated to developing cutting-edge tools that empower diverse communities and organizations to navigate unpredictable futures and enhance their ability to manage innovation. With over 20 years of experience in scenario planning, she collaborates with clients to clarify challenges, test strategies, identify opportunities, and shape policy options.


    Her body of work includes over 40 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, edited books, and peer-reviewed special issues exploring foresight, innovation, and sustainability. A sought-after speaker and thought leader, she delivers keynotes and presents globally.


    Dr. Selin earned a PhD in Knowledge and Management from Copenhagen Business School’s Institute for Politics, Philosophy and Management, a MA in Science and Technology Studies from Roskilde University (Denmark), and a BA in American Studies from University of California, Santa Cruz.


    A copy of Dr. Selin's CV may be found here.


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