• Scenario Planning as a Methodological Menagerie

    Deepen your knowledge & skills in navigating uncertainty by learning from the animal kingdom.


    This work explores time-tested practices and enduring principles for developing and using scenarios through an A-Z tour through the animal kingdom. The creatures represent short-hand references for more complex methodological moves or philosophical stances native to the practice of scenario planning and seek to provide memorable inspirations for how to conduct scenario planning well. Each chapter reveals how traits and behaviors of different animals – from the collective cooperation of ants, to the perceptive vigilance of the hare, to the ostrich who cautions how daunting ambiguities tend to be ignored– provide powerful lessons for navigating today’s complex problems and thriving in unpredictable, fast-changing landscapes. By uniquely intertwining the fascinating world of animals with the strategic art of scenario planning, this work offers a delightful safari designed to improve the practice and impact of scenario planning.

    COLLABORATIVE INQUIRY & INDUSTRIOUSNESS Scenario planning is a way for people to...
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